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Your Brand. Your App. Your Hotel.

Fully customizable hotel app

Drive Sales with happier guests
Customer service on a new level

No more language barriers
Chat with your guests in any language

All-inclusive offer - No risk
No contract, no hidden fees, free setup

Reach out to guests and beyond
Explore the new way of communication

Swiss Technology Enterprise
Top-notch support, continously new amazing features

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Happy guests

The myconnectzone platform

myconnectzone gives you the ability to create and manage your branded hotel app with a simple easy-to-use interface in every browser. Your guests have access to your offers and services 24/7 wherever they are.

Alex is hungry

Happy guests

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Your Brand. Your App. Your Hotel.

Fully customizable hotel app

Customize your app in realtime on your browser. Adapt your corporate design, add items, bookings and guest service requests and see immediatly how your guest will see the app. Get your own branded hotel app in all app stores and as a web app.


myconnectzone allows you to fully customize and manage the content of your app directly in your browser.

Click on an offer and an iPhone screen appears. Easily edit your content within the iPhone.

Unlimited possibilities

Add everything you would like to display or to sell in your app. Structure your app with categories, adorn it with pictures and promote it with push notifications. All of this made easy with myconnectzone.
Create different type of offers matching your needs Add articles, requests and bookings Define custom price categories for half board, all inclusive Set your own surcharge per order and a description Add as much options as you need (Example: Choose between coffee or tea) Include external links, videos, pictures, iframes or even exisiting html-code Upload PDFs and documents and much more
«I was immediately pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the CMS (the backend) of myconnectzone was – it was very easy to add new offers, categories, requests. No intense training was needed to be able to get our content loaded the way we wished to on the APP. The staff trained to respond to requests and update content were all delighted with the ease of use of the platform.»

Elvyna Moorba | Marketing Projects Manager | Sun Resorts Hotel Management Ltd

No more language barriers

Chat with your guests in any language

Translate your app into any language with only one click. No more language barriers and misunderstandings thanks to the ingenious real-time automatic translation function for the entire App and guest chat.

Unique automatic translation

You can translate all your offers from the hotel's language to the guest's preferred language with one click. Just review the translation, make changes if necessary and put it online for your guest to be surprised by this integrated, unique feature.

A feature which helps facilitate guest communications and guest relations as well as it increases your hotel staff's efficiency and productivity.

Chat with integrated translation

Forget about language barriers and misunderstandings thanks to the ingenious real-time automatic translation function that enables you to chat with your guests in any language.
«In the varied and flexible tourism sector, technology's part is making travel experience more simple and enriched. In collaboration with hoteliers, myconnectzone puts smart technology to work in favor of tourism development.»

Salaheddine Zaaboul | General Manager | Riad Borj Dhab

Drive sales with happier guests

Customer service on a new level

Optimize resources and increase sales with push-notifications and promotions. Make mobile app content publicly accessible, generate QR-Codes and reach potential customers around your hotel.
Your guests experience a smart, clean and efficient way to make orders and purchases easier and faster than ever before.
Stay close to and in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay, no matter where they are.
The App runs on the guest's own communication device (smartphone, tablet, PC)
Monitor guest satisfaction by customizable ratings, polls and surveys

Reaching out to guests
and beyond


Explore a new way of communication using push-notifications. Inform your guests about upcoming events and daily news. Let your guests participate through the app. Increase sales with the new technology of today.

With myconnectzone you can activate and plan promotions. While you are creating a promotion you will be asked if you wish to schedule a push notification, which will be sent automatically when the promotion starts.

Potential customers

Social Media and your website are fully integrated on your guest's app, and we are building new ways for people to interact through them.

Call to action

With call-to-action buttons we help you drive business by redirecting guests and collecting data. Designed to bring new business to your mobile app, call-to-action buttons link to any destination aligned with your business objectives.

Post check-out

Reach out to your customers with push-notifications and keep them updated. Increase the chance they get back to your hotel by offering them special promotions and more.

Public Views

Public views allow you to create, manage and share content from your mobile app not only with your guests but for everyone to see. Include a public content page on your website, print it as a QR-Code or share the link.

Loyality, Rewards

Define your own customized reward-system, allowing your guests to collect stars with every purchase and booking. Increase customer satisfaction like never before.

The Station

The different stations for your employees receive your guest orders in realtime. You can create as many stations as you like and assign every offer to a different station. A station can be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Any device with a browser can be used.

Accept, chat & reject

All your guest orders are grouped. You see when the order was placed, the preferred delivery time, the number of persons as well as guest comments. If you don’t have something in stock, simply press "Reject" and add a comment. Your guest receives a push-notification and can change his or her selection.

Share resources

With myconnectzone you can easily share your resources with your guests. Your guests can book a resource directly. For example a massage therapist, a car, a jet-ski and so on. Your stations have a clear calendar view and get notified with push notifications when a new booking has been placed.

App Preview

This preview shows you how your own hotel app could look like. Feel free and click through the iPhone.
Click here to start the preview
For full functionality download
mycz QR Reader in your preferred App-Store.

Scan this QR-Code:

Do you want to modify the app?

Try the management view

All-inclusive offer - No risk

No contract, no hidden fees, free setup

Are you tired of long binding contracts and surprising hidden fees? We certainly are. We believe in our product. That's why you can test myconnectzone 3 months in your hotel completely for free. And that's why we do not have any contracts or any hidden fees. myconnectzone is a swiss innovation product.

Why myconnectzone?

In the always changing world of Internet and media-technology you now need a trustworthy partner, whose main objective is to focus your expertise, strengthen your assets and bring your hotels to the next digital level.
«The service received from the support team of myconnectzone has always been top-notch. The support service has constantly been very efficient and effective. The team is flexible in development of new functionalities that make sense to the overall community, without the usual wait of 6-24 months that is common with bigger organizations. You can also expect a 24/7 service from the support team. I am overall very happy with myconnectzone, both functionality and service-wise, and would without any hesitation recommend them to other hotels.»

Elvyna Moorba | Marketing Projects Manager | Sun Resorts Hotel Management Ltd
We create the app for you
We create the complete app for you at no costs, with your content, your design and your wishes.
We empower your staff
From the managing of the app until the usage of your stations.
Test 3 months for free
Test the app with all features and no boundaries in your hotel 3 months at no costs.
No contract
Forget about painstaking longterm contracts. We believe in our product.
24/7 Support
Keeping you and your guests happy is our desire.
99.9% Uptime guarantee
State of the art technologies, high availability on all continents
All upcoming new features
Our team continuously develops new amazing features for you and your guests.
No hidden fees
Are you tired of hidden costs? We certainly are.

myconnectzone for you

Fully customizable mobile app, adapt your corporate design Real time chat with your guests in any language Plan and send push-notfications and promotions Explore a new way of communication and improve your capacity management Let your guests rate your articles and services Create and send surveys and polls for events etc. Consolidate all your offers, categories and articles and compare the revenue

myconnectzone for your guests

24/7 availability of your hotels offers and services in the language they prefer Access to your services no matter where they are Let your guests make bookings directly with the integrated calendar Provide your guests with special offers Clear and userfriendly App Your guests are always informed and feel well Inspire them and show them the best your destination has to offe

Driving sales and reducing cost

Generate sales and revenue through the simplest possible ordering process Generate additional revenue through pre-stay and after-stay push notification Promote in-house and external partner offers and services to your guests Publicly promote your hotel's services and offers not only to your guests, but also to a broader audience such as walk-in customers and web visitors Talking to your guests in real time in their preferred language will lower time to order and increase to order New and efficient way of guest relations saves your staff time and money

Empowering your Hotel-IT

Get you own branded and fully customizable Hotel App Full integration with your existing IT (such as Opera Runs on any guest device/platform (smartphones, tablets, PCs) All hotel services plus external partner offers are mirrored in the App No IT or programming knowledge required Easy and real-time editing thanks to an intuitive GUI State-of-the-art data security, backup and data hosting in collaboration with leading technology partners
«The myconnectzone hotel app platform is designed to deliver what hotels and guests have been looking for all along: a smart, professional yet easy to use tool which will provide your guests with a remarkable customer service experience not seen until today, driving your hotel's sales and revenue, while increasing your staff's productivity. All of this in an attractive package, making this platform a product everyone with an interest in tomorrow's hotel business must try.»

Peter Wagner | Sr. Hospitality Consultant | 50 Years of Hospitality Expertise


myconnectzone is completely for free during three months, including all features and services. There are no hidden costs, and no contracts. You can quit anytime. After the free trial myconnectzone charges a monthly low fee of USD 290.

Contact us

We are available 24/7 via live chat. Via e-mail or over the phone we reply from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (CET).

Phone: +41 44 435 30 50

Get your own app

myconnectzons adds all your offers to your hotel app at no costs. Just login your stations and you can start with your own hotel app immediately.

Try myconnectzone 3 months for free. Start creating your app yourself and find out how easy it is to manage a hotel app with myconnectzone.

Request a preview

Do you need a preview to get an inspiration or demonstrate it to your team? Contact us and we will create a preview app based on the website of your hotel!

Contact us

Do you have questions or need more informations? Contact us! Our project manager would be pleased to answer all your questions personally.


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myconnectzone operates with all systems.
We don't change your system. Stand-Alone: myconnectzone works in a separate and new way to increase your sales and efficiency, while using your existing PMS.
Opera PMS
With the simple and small integration into your Opera PMS, you just need to click on the “QR-Code”-Button in your Opera-System and print out the QR-Code Sheet for your guest.
Micros POS
Coming Soon: Soon you will be able to connect your Micros POS and 12 of the most used POS-Systems worldwide with your app. All orders will be pasted directly in your cash system and your printer will be triggered.

Keep me updated

Smart TV App
Coming Soon: myconnectzone is developing a Smart-TV App which will allow your guests to use your app on your TV. You will also have the possibilty to use the TV App for digital signage.

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