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Your Brand. Your App. Your Hotel.

Customizable hotel app by design

Drive Sales with happier guests
Customer service on a new level

No more language barriers
Chat with your guests in any language

All-inclusive offer - No risk
No contract, no hidden fees, free setup

Reach out to guests and beyond
Explore the new way of communication

Swiss Technology Enterprise
Top-notch support, continously new amazing features

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With myconnectzone, you can now build and manage your own branded hotel app. Integrate mobile check-in, automate WiFi-connection and allow your guests to place orders from wherever they are.
No more spending on costly software developments No IT know-how required No more long term binding contracts

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Happy guests

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Your Brand. Your App. Your Hotel.

Upload your logo.

Add your offers.

Customize the design.

Create your rooms.

Go Live.

Get your own branded app with just a few clicks using the myconnectzone platform. Customize your app in real-time on your browser. Adapt your corporate design, add items, bookings, and guest service requests, and instantly check how your guest will see the app.
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Fully customizable hotel app

Your Brand. Your App. Your Hotel.

Customize your app in real-time on your browser. Adapt your corporate design, add items, bookings, and guest service requests, and instantly check how your guest will see the app. Get your own branded hotel app in all app stores and as a progressive web app.
«I was immediately pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the CMS (the backend) of myconnectzone was – it was very easy to add new offers, categories, requests. No intense training was needed to be able to get our content loaded the way we wished to on the APP. The staff trained to respond to requests and update content were all delighted with the ease of use of the platform.»

Elvyna Moorba | Marketing Projects Manager | Sun Resorts Hotel Management Ltd
No more language barriers

Add a new language.

Press "Translate".

Translate back.

Finalize and put online.

Experience the control of translation on a new level thanks to the ingenious real-time automatic translation function for the entire App and guest chat.
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«In the varied and flexible tourism sector, technology's part is making travel experience more simple and enriched. In collaboration with hoteliers, myconnectzone puts smart technology to work in favor of tourism development.»

Salaheddine Zaaboul | General Manager | Riad Borj Dhab
Drive sales with happier guests

Send push-notifications.

Schedule promotions.

Loyalty and Rewards.

Public Views.

Boost your hotel's guest experience with an extended level of communication and guest relations, while increasing staff efficiency and productivity using a few of more than 50 unique features.
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Communicate with the new set of tools to inform your guests about upcoming events, promotions and more.

Call to action

Promote existing, or bring in new business to your mobile app with call-to-action buttons that link to any destination aligned with your objectives.

Post Check-Out

Strategize your remarketing efforts. Reach out to your customers and increase the chance they return to your hotel.


Gain insights into your guests behavior and strengthen brand loyalty. Know what your guests like and are interested in, at what time they browse through your app and much more.

Loyalty, Rewards

Allow your guests to collect stars with every purchase or booking made, and customize your rewards system to suit your strategy.


With this unique feature, allow your guests to order to a place or a location out of their rooms, for example, to the pool or to the beach.

Public Views

Public views allow you to create, manage and share content from your mobile app not only with your guests but for everyone to see.


Create evaluation forms, send them via push-notification to your guests and instantly evaluate what your guests liked.
The Stations

Accept. Chat. Reject.

The different stations for your employees receive your guest orders in real-time. A very user-friendly view lets your staff handle the requests and orders with ease. You see when the order was placed, the preferred delivery time, the number of persons as well as guest comments.

If you don’t have something in stock, simply press "Reject" and add a comment. Your guest receives a push-notification and can change his or her selection.
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Integrated Calendar

Bookable Resources.

You can easily share your resources with your guests. Your guests can book a resource straight, for example, a massage therapist, a car, a personal trainer.
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Reaching out to guests and beyond

Be Online.

myconnectzone deploys your app in the Apple iOS Store, Google Play Store and as a web app under your domain name.
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Apple iOS Store

Google Play

Web App (PWA)

Smart TV

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Userfriendly. Highspeed.

Users expect mobile apps to be intuitive, easy to use and extremely fast. No matter, how groundbreaking the intent behind a mobile app is. An app will never succeed if the users do not enjoy it.
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Deep Reporting

Collect. Analyze. Improve.

Get insights on your article popularity by guests countries. Use myconnectzone's intuitive dashboard to create your insightful statistics and get a feel of honest ratings on your offers, employees and articles.
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Running next to your PMS.

Your hotel app operates with your PMS. myconnectzone is using a separate and an exclusive way to communicate without changing your workflow. There are different ways to validate a PMS guest as an app user and allow him to use your app:

Scan a QR-Code.

Simply handout a QR-Code Sheet, printed out from our platform, with the login credentials of your guest on arrival.

Alex is hungry

Please authenticate.

Your guest can immediately start browsing through your offers and services. When placing an order, he or she will have to get authenticated by typing in his or her name, room number and checkout date.

This information will be sent to a specific station. Your staff will compare the data with the PMS and grant or deny the access. This process has to be done once per guest. From now on, your guest can use the app until the checkout date.

Create your own rule.

With this revolutionary rule based system, you can create your own authentication complexity to suit your policy.

Create an own form, place QR-Codes in the rooms, require your app users to have validated phone numbers, Facebook accounts, Google accounts, complete address and many more.

Opera PMS.

With the simple, quick integration with your Opera PMS, you just need to click on the "QR-Code" button in your PMS to print out the QR-Code sheet for your guests.

Don't like the QR-Code and printing on paper? No problem, you may just use our two-way Opera PMS integration. We talk to your Opera PMS and check whether the app user is a guest in your hotel or not.
«The service received from the support team of myconnectzone has always been top-notch. The support service has constantly been very efficient and effective. The team is flexible in development of new functionalities that make sense to the overall community, without the usual wait of 6-24 months that is common with bigger organizations. You can also expect a 24/7 service from the support team. I am overall very happy with myconnectzone, both functionality and service-wise, and would without any hesitation recommend them to other hotels.»

Elvyna Moorba | Marketing Projects Manager | Sun Resorts Hotel Management Ltd

290 USD. No hidden fees.

myconnectzone is free for first three months, including all features and services. There are no hidden costs, and no contracts. You can quit at anytime. After the free trial myconnectzone charges a low fee of USD 290 / month.
No Risk. Top-Notch Service.

the extra star.

Are you tired of long binding contracts and shocking hidden charges? We certainly are. That's why you can try myconnectzone for 3 months in your hotel, completely free. And that's why we do not have any long-term contracts or hidden fees.
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We create the app

Your content, your design and your wishes.

3 months for free

Try the app with no boundaries in your hotel.

No contract

Forget painstaking long-term contracts.

24/7 Support

Keeping you and your guests happy is our desire.

99.9% Uptime

State of the art technologies, high availability on all continents

State of the art

Our team continuously develops new amazing features for you and your guests.
«The myconnectzone hotel app platform is designed to deliver what hotels and guests have been looking for all along: a smart, professional yet easy to use tool which will provide your guests with a remarkable customer service experience not seen until today, driving your hotel's sales and revenue, while increasing your staff's productivity. All of this in an attractive package, making this platform a product everyone with an interest in tomorrow's hotel business must try.»

Peter Wagner | Sr. Hospitality Consultant | 50 Years of Hospitality Expertise

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Try myconnectzone 3 months for free. Find out how easy it is to manage a hotel app with myconnectzone.
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