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Don't have time? We add all your offers to your hotel app at no costs. You just have to login your stations and you can start with your own hotel app immediatly!

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Create your offers

  • Add everything you would like to sell on your app. Structure your app with categories, beautify it with pictures, and promote it with push notifications. All of this, made easy with myconnectzone.
  • Add options
    You can add as much options for an article or a request as you like. For example: "Choice of coffee or tea", "1-Day or 2-Day Trip to Cairo". myconnectzone gives you the possibility to enquire information before you actually get in touch with your guest.
  • Integrated Translation
    With myconnectzone you can translate all your offers to a new language with a click. Just review the translation, make your correction and set it online.
  • Stations
    Define with one click, where your requests for "Room Service" ends up, where requests for "Excursions to the desserts" will be sent and so on.

Build your App

  • Clean and understandable interface
    While we developed myconnectzone, we focused on making a clean and understandable interface. You can Drag & Drop your offers to sort and move them around. For beginners: work in an iPhone view on your computer. For the advanced users: move forward to the table view and manage your offers faster.
  • Live Preview your App
    While editing your app you will see your changes on your iPhone or on the "Live-Preview" immediately - it shows exactly the same view your guest will have.


  • State of the art
    Click on an offer and an iPhone appears. Directly edit your content within the iPhone. Switch the tab to access the real view of your guest and make some test orders. The HTML5/JS based web interface allows you to do this from every computer with a web browser.
  • Well documented & video tutorials
    All fields and buttons are documented. Simply hover the -Icon and understand, what the setting means. Still not sure? Go to "Video-Tutorials" and watch how to do it.
  • Fast content delivery
    We have servers all around the world. After your registration, myconnectzone chooses the nearest fully secured server for your hotel to provide your guests fast access to your offers.

Direct booking

  • Share your resources
    With myconnectzone you can easily share your resources with your guests. Your guests can book a resource directly. For example a masseur, a car, a jet-ski and so on. Your stations have a clear calendar view, and get notified with push notifications when a new booking has been made.
  • You can login your station wherever you want. Mobile-Phone, Tablets, Computers:
    myconnectzone works on all devices.

The station

  • Accept / Reject
    All your guests orders are grouped. You see at what time the order has been placed, the favoured delivery time of the guest, how many persons and the guests comment. If you don’t have something on stock, simply press "Reject" and give a comment. Your guest gets a push-notification and can change his selection.

How it works

Create your offers

Use our best-experience interface to add all your offers, information and services. Set unlimited options to each article, create resources to allow your guests to book directly, schedule promotions, upload and crop your pictures, pdfs and videos to your needs and many more.

Log in your stations

Log in your stations to receive the orders of your guests. You can assign multiple offers to one station. myconnectzone works with any device with a browser. If a station has the required permission, it can also edit its assigned offers, send pushs or schedule promotions.


When a new guest arrives to your hotel, type the guests name and his country, print the QR-Code sheet and let the guest use all your conveniences on his/her smartphone.


myconnectzone does not change your system. The app is completely stand-alone. Just create your offers, login your stations and start with your own hotel app. To create your offers and manage your app, the only thing you need is a computer. You can manage your app from everywhere. Your guests use their own tablets or smartphones.


  • Get access to unexplored statistics
    See from which countries your guests come from or evaluate which articles are most popular among which nationalities. If you would like to have a complete overview: put all your offers, categories and articles together and compare the revenue.
  • Connect to your guests
    Advertise your articles with promotions and combined push-notifications. Ease communication and translate all your offers with our integrated translation tool and in the end let your guests rate your articles and services honestly.
  • Integrated calendar for resources
    Let your guests choose e.g. their preferred masseur or car for ultimate satisfaction and manage your capacities simultaneously.
  • Unlimited creations
    Create your unique hotel app and add photos, documents, videos, links, offers, whatever you like.

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We provide support via our chat-service, ticket system or the integrated Teamviewer to help you fast and with best efforts.

Vote for the next feature

As part of myconnectzone you have the possiblity to vote for the next feature we will develop!


And best of all, you get myconnectzone completly for only a small fee per month (unlimited rooms, offers and storage).

Start with your own hotel app
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Video tutorials

You will find a video for each and every step. Here is a selection of our video tutorials.
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