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We offer a new service to add all offers to your personal hotel app. 

How does it work?

1. You provide us the information and offers you would like to have in your app, e.g «Room Service», «Spa»,…
2. We create the app for you completely for free and with best efforts
3. You review your finished app and make changes as you like
4. Login your stations and start with your hotel app!

What information do we need?

– The name of your hotel and country
– The email address you want to use to login and manage your app
– Your Hotel Logo (best resolution, preferred vector)
– Contact person / Responsible person
– Any media (including pictures, Youtube-/Vimeo-Videos, PDFs) you want to show on your app
– As much details to each offer as possible, see example

Example offer «Room Service»

– Send us the PDF/document of Room Service (with prices)
– Send us pictures of your food / drinks (if wished)

That’s it! For the fastest processing, please provide us with as many information about your hotel as possible. The more information we have, the more detailed we can create your hotel app.
Send your informations to welcome@myconnectzone.com


My information/data exceeds the mail limit size of 12MB
Use wetransfer to upload your data and send us the link

Can I still use the 3 months for free offer?
Of course! The trial of 3 months starts when we are finished with the app, and you started using it in your hotel

Can you help me login my stations?
Of course! Contact us via chat or email and we will call you and assist you.

Can you create me a preview of the app?
We can create a preview of your app, based on your website. Please use this contact form (add the website to the form).

Can I have contact to a personal project manager?
Use this contact form and a project manager will contact you.

Do you have any questions or do want personal contact to a project manager?

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Welcome to myconnectzone!


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